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EMEINSA was established in 1978 and since then it has been developing the manufacturing of machines, equipements and installations for the Mines, the industry and the Environment.

Years went by and it achieved a company structure able to adapt itself to the market´s needs, thus strengthening its image of seriousness, technological reliability and customer´s service.

From its beginnings to nowadays and basically through its tecnological agreements with other international companies from the same sector, EMEINSA has managed to particularly improve its quality regarding engineereng and design. These features have been a solid base to support the fulfilment of its projets as well as to assure that its products meet the technological requirements the increasingly competitive market asks for.

This evolution has taken place thanks to the great human and financial investmente performed, using its resources to constantly update its tecnology, as well as its premises and machinery. This is mainly Numerically Controlled and has enabled the company to computerise the production, the costs and the warehouses by means of network terminal at the different machines and working places.

At the same time, a Quality Control Departmaent has been created in order to implement a Quality System according to standard ISO 9001. It is fitted with the most advanced measurement systems (three-dimensional metrology), machines control and calibration and trials.

Our experienced and stable staff has enabled us to strengthen our position in the market and, at the same time, has obliged us to join young people to our company so that their training assures the replacement of the skilled professional at a long term and the growing experience in the prodution processing as well as in the technical and management areas.

Our maxim is to get identified with our customer´s interests and to meet their economy, quality and safety requirements.

The constant search for new and better technical solutions encourage our future.

Zona Industrial s/n Apartado 38
E-33630 Pola de Lena. Asturias ESPAÑA
Telf.: +34 985 491 368 - +34 985 491 707 Fax: +34 985 492 161
email: emeinsa@emeinsa.com

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